“A Sense of Wonder and Beauty” – Seminar on 4/7 at 3:30pm

Posted on April 5th, 2021 by

On Wednesday, 4/7, at 3:30 pm, our supreme chair-being, Dr. Mike Hvidsten, will be giving the MCS Department Seminar talk. Please join us to hear some of Mike’s words of wisdom!

Zoom Link: Click Here

Seminar Title: A Sense of Wonder and Beauty

Seminar Abstract: A good summary of my life would be the title of this talk: “A Sense of Wonder and Beauty.” This applies to my interest in mathematics and to other aspects of my circuitous journey.  The talk will contain mathematics (of course), a bit of history, a bit of computer science, and perhaps something will tickle your fancy. Since this is a Zoom talk, treats will unfortunately not be served, but you are encouraged to bring something yummy to make your fellow attendees jealous! 


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