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milomartinTell us about yourself.

I graduated from Gustavus in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science. I received my PhD from the University of Wisconsin and I spent ten years as a Professor at the University of Pensylvania. I am currently working at Google in Madison WI as a Software Engineer.

How did the MCS department help you get where you are today?

Not only did I learned core computer science principals that helped me get into graduate school and beyond, the MCS faculty were important mentors, from which I learned much more than (just) computer science.

What is your favorite memory or memories of the MCS department?

cansSo many. One fine spring afternoon, the entire class of a small CS course Karl Knight was teaching decided it was just too nice out to be inside. So, we wrote on the board “outside throwing around a Frisbee, come join us”. We all ditched class, went outside, threw a disc around. Karl comes outside, coffee mug in hand, and we’re not sure if he is going to tell us to get back to class or not. He motions to us to throw him the disc and that is how we spent the class hour outside.

Also, toward the end of my senior year we put hundreds of Mountain Dew cans in one of the CS professor’s office (I’m pretty sure it was Barbara Kaiser’s, but I’m not 100% sure), including covering the outside of the door with cans and cans stacked just inside the door as a booby trap so that it would collaps when the door was opened.

Thanks for the update Milo. It’s good to hear from you.

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