MCS Alumni Profile: Patrick McDougle Posted on April 13th, 2016 by

PatrickMcDougleTell us about yourself
I graduated from Gustavus in 2011 with a degree in Computer Science. I am currently working at POPSUGAR (San Francisco, CA) on their e-commerce website called Must Have

How did the MCS department help you get where you are today?

Laid the solid groundwork for writing clean, efficient, organized code.

What is your favorite memory or memories of the MCS department?

Exchanging poker chips for our final grade in the CS capstone 2011

Thanks for the update Patrick. It’s good to hear from you.

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  1. Max Hailperin says:

    I was able to mention the poker chips in the Q&A period after my lecture today on “Liberal Arts Education in the Age of Accountability.”