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MCS Alumni Profile: Jennifer Van Osdel

Tell us about yourself. I graduated from Gustavus in 2011 with a degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. I am currently getting my M.S. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources) from the University of New Mexico. I plan to finish early next Spring 2017.

Dr. Emily Gunawan Receives MAA’s Project NEXT Fellowship

Dr. Emily Gunawan, visiting Assistant Professor in the MCS Department was awarded a Project NEXT Fellowshp from the Mathematics Association of America.

MCS Alumni Profile: Alex Zupan

Tell us about yourself. I graduated from Gustavus in 2007 with degrees in Math and Music. I am currently working as an Assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

MCS Friend Profile: Choong-Soo Lee

I taught computer science as a visiting assistant professor from 2010 until 2013. I am currently an assistant professor of computer science at St. Lawrence University, which is a liberal arts college like Gustavus Adolphus College, and I am one of the three computer scientists who teach a wide range of courses from introductory programming to advanced topics such as operating systems and networking. My research area is still in multimedia and networking, and recent papers include analyses of champion usage and bot prevalence in League of Legends.

Pokemon Go at Gustavus

When students return to class they will undoubtedly notice several changes around campus.  Several trees have been removed near the campus center, the landscaping around Olin Hall has been redone, and last, but certainly not least, there are dozens of pokestops and gyms that have been added to Eckman Mall and Linnaeus Arboretum.  Fortunately computer science major, […]