Pokemon Go at Gustavus

Posted on September 2nd, 2016 by

When Go Mapstudents return to class they will undoubtedly notice several changes around campus.  Several trees have been removed near the campus center, the landscaping around Olin Hall has been redone, and last, but certainly not least, there are dozens of pokestops and gyms that have been added to Eckman Mall and Linnaeus Arboretum.  Fortunately computer science major, Duy Nguyen, has developed a map to help students navigate all of the Pokemon additions on campus.

Duy’s map allows players to see where all Pokemon are and how long they will be there, where all the gyms are, the gyms’ level, and the team that controls the gym.  I am told by two young Pokemon hunters that this is the best map ever made.

You can find Duy’s map at http://anythingbut.me/pogo Feel free to email Duy with comments or suggestions.  If you would like to learn how Duy made this map you should consider signing up for a computer science class.



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