Lois Peterson Donates Painting to MCS Department

Posted on March 1st, 2016 by

Close up of Lois Peterson's work "Proof" Gustavus Art Professor Lois Peterson has gifted the MCS department the painting titled Proof (a portion of which is shown here) to celebrate the many years of friendship between her and the department.

For seven years, Professor Peterson has taught her courses on the third floor of Olin Hall and has maintained her office along side that of the MCS faculty. During this time strong friendships between Lois and members of the department have grown. This gift serves as a token of that friendship and honor’s the memory of Terry (T.J.) Morrison who passed away last fall.

The piece started when Peterson left a 20 inch x 30 inch piece of paper board with the MCS department and asked the members of the department to write mathematical formualae, images, calculations, etc. onto the board. After the board’s surface was covered with mathematical information, Peterson finished the piece in her studio by layering oil paint onto the surface to create subtle coloration and textures. Embeded into the surface the mathematical symbols serve as visual proof to the juncture between art and math and their shared common desire to search for elusive solutions not yet revealed.

Proof is currently on display in the MCS office.


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