They Came, They Saw, and They Were Conquered. Again!

Posted on February 13th, 2012 by

This past J-Term Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science Choong-Soo Lee hosted the second StarCraft II tournament for students. Computer Science Majors Cory Ruegg (2012) and Michael Patterson (2014) helped to promote the tournament in the Fall semester and over 20 students signed up for the tournament. Sixteen players were selected to compete in an elimination bracket over four weeks and many students came to watch the games and cheer for their friends. The defending champion, Derek Evenson (2013, pictured on the right) and Ryan Inwards (2015, pictured on the left) proceeded to the final match, where Derek successfully defended his title with the record of three games to zero. Both finalists received gift certificates to the Book Mark which were sponsored by the MCS department.  If you are interested in the tournament bracket and want to watch the game replays (the replays require an installation of StarCraft II), click here.


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