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The time for mere “deliberate speed” has run out

Today’s news concerning web security made me think about a 1964 school desegregation decision from the Supreme Court of the United States; the title of this blog post is taken from Justice Black’s opinion.  But before I can explain the connection, I need to provide some security background.

Rosoff Donates Time, Talent to Dancing With the Profs

This weekend was Gustavus’s third annual “Dancing With the Profs” show, benefiting the St. Peter United Way.  Five teams coupling a student with a member of the faculty or staff showed their stuff; the MCS Department was represented by Professor Jeff Rosoff, shown here with partner Alicia Cameron.

Milt Brostrom Entering Hall of Fame

Today’s St. Peter Herald has a nice article reporting that Milt Brostrom (class of 1949), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science, will enter the Gustavus Athletics Hall of Fame this Saturday, October 25th.  Although the article mentions Brostrom’s earlier work in determining athletic eligibility, the focus is on his 40 years as the timekeeper […]

Examples of Integrating the China Theme

This year, Gustavus will be starting a new campus-wide program, Gustavus Global Insight, in which we try to focus on a particular international theme each year and integrate that theme as broadly as possible in our curriculum and co-curricular activities.  This first year (2008-2009) will be focused on China.  I thought it would be interesting […]

Winning Poems

At Francis Su’s lecture this evening the three finalists in the Fibonacci poetry contest read their poems.  Below is the winning poem, followed by the two other finalists.

Poetry Finalists Announced; Learn Who Wins $50

The first MCS Department poetry contest brought out the best from our students.  Three of them have been selected as finalists, with the help of expert judges from the Gustavus English Department.  Congratulations to Erik Alquist, Katie O’Bryan, and Bethany Ringdal!  These three have now been invited to read their poems at the start of Francis Su’s lecture, […]

MCS Art Show

The first-ever Math/Computer Science Faculty Art Exhibit opens Monday, April 14, in the lobby of the third floor of Olin Hall. Lois Peterson (art & art history) is the curator for the exhibit, which includes weavings, needlework, origami, woodworking, hand-tied fly-fishing lures, and other creative visual work produced by the faculty of the MCS Department. […]

Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Numbers Seminar

Prof. Stephen Samuel11:30-12:20 on Wednesday, April 9, 2008Olin Hall, Room 321Lunch will be served The concept of fuzzy sets is an attempt to capture the inherently imprecise linguistic concepts in terms of mathematical expressions. This became absolutely necessary in late sixties as the irresistible quest for imitating the human brain became a predominant issue in […]

Gustavus Math T-Shirts Rock!

This is the strange story of how Gustavus math contest t-shirts have come to adorn a rock star.  In this post, all photos are thumbnails: click on them for the full-sized images.