Milt Brostrom Entering Hall of Fame

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 by

Today’s St. Peter Herald has a nice article reporting that Milt Brostrom (class of 1949), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science, will enter the Gustavus Athletics Hall of Fame this Saturday, October 25th.  Although the article mentions Brostrom’s earlier work in determining athletic eligibility, the focus is on his 40 years as the timekeeper for football games.

And how, exactly, did Brostom get elected?   “Actually, I’ve been on the Hall of Fame Board for 10 years which makes the selections.  I pride myself on perfect attendance.  But I had a doctor’s appointment and I couldn’t make that meeting.  I come to the next meeting and find out that they suspended the bylaws [forbidding election of a board member] and unanimously put me into the Hall of Fame.  I thought, wow! I should have missed earlier …”  (My editorialization: don’t try this at home.  This tactic of missing meetings could backfire unless you have done so remarkably much to earn so many people’s admiration.)


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