Winning Poems Posted on May 1st, 2008 by

At Francis Su’s lecture this evening the three finalists in the Fibonacci poetry contest read their poems.  Below is the winning poem, followed by the two other finalists.

Fibonacci, by Bethany Ringdal

march in
time, how I
thought I would find them;
these numbers slide, hum and nestle
in the pearly curves and coils of a poem in the sun.

Untitled, by Erik Alquist

Cast with
To send a message
Of preference or discontent.
Though with the plurality you may not be, have heart.
Choosing the loser of these contests beats waiting for a probability of 1.

Untitled, by Katie O’Bryan

who knows?
not anchors
nor politicians
who can predict, the oracle?
no, tis not the mystic but tis the statistician  


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  1. Gary R. Hess says:

    Nice selections. Congrats to the winners, I especially like Katie’s “Untitled”.