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Dobler Named to National Statistics Committee

Gustavus Professor Carolyn Dobler has been named to a national committee addressing undergrduate instruction in statistics. Peter Lachenbruch, the president-elect of the American Statistical Association (ASA), announced this week that Dobler would serve as one of the ASA’s members of the ASA/MAA Joint Committee on Undergraduate Satistics. Dobler will serve a three-year term lasting from […]

Zupan Wins NCAA Scholarship

Math major Alex Zupan was one of two Gustavus students named NCAA Post-Graduate Scholars (and one of only 58 nationwide).

Nienow Hired as Instructor, Tech Coordinator

Gustavus’s Department of Matheamtics and Computer Science is pleased to have hired Aaron Nienow as Instructor of Statistics and Departmental Technology Coordinator. Nienow started work in January, having received an initial one-semester contract through an expedited hiring process necessitated by a resignation. Now the department has completed a national search, resulting in the extension of […]

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics Sought

[Update: this position has now been filled.] Gustavus Adolphus College invites nominations and applications for a one-year position as Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics for 2007-2008.

Students’ Statistics Project Wins National Recognition

Gustavus senior math majors Dan Johnson and Tyler Kramer spent their January Term using statistical techniques to examine the impact of steroid use on statistics for home-run hitters. Now their project, supervised by Professor Carolyn Dobler, has won them both national recognition and prize money through the Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition (USPROC) sponsored by the […]

Visit with Alumni at Thomson West

On Wednesday, March 21st, I will be taking a dozen or more students to visit with seven alumni at Thomson West in Eagan. We will be receiving a tour of the datacenter from Robb Gamm, class of 1984, and hearing about a variety of software development topics from Matt Pettis, class of 1994, Zach Park, […]