Dobler Elected As Next Chair Posted on November 10th, 2006 by

Hailperin transfers Cymbal of Power to DoblerIt was a big week for elections, and not just those the mainstream media chose to cover. Professor Carolyn Dobler was unanimously elected to serve as the Mathematics and Computer Science Department’s next chair, effective June 1, 2007. (Current MCS Department Chair Max Hailperin’s three-year term ends on May 31st.) In a preview of the peaceful transfer of power expected on that date, Hailperin is pictured here passing the official Cymbal of Power to Dobler, along with the Mallet of Persuasion. He explained that he has had no need for the mallet; Dobler is taking over the most collegial department imaginable. Interim Dean Mariangela Maguire, who will formally appoint Dobler, also offered her congratulations.


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