Job Opening for Multimedia Coder in Minneapolis Posted on April 10th, 2006 by

Pixel Farm Interactive, the interactive multimedia agency I work for downtown in the warehouse district of minneapolis is in the process of hiring a qualified Flash/javascript programmer. I thought I’d post the opening here for any ’06 or earlier grads to check out. There is a lot of growth in the web and cdrom industry right now, with Flash Actionscript quickly replacing Lingo as one of the foremost languages used to develop interactive games, animations, interfaces, etc for release on the web or on CD/DVD. So, without further ado, here’s the post…


We are currently looking for a multimedia coder who knows Flash for more than just a design/animation tool. Applicants must be fluent in client-side languages such as Flash Actionscript, Javascript, XHTML, CSS and XML. Qualified individuals must be capable of not only adapting existing code from our past projects but writing their own from scratch as needed. Projects range from digital courseware to video applets to multiplayer games and more.

Candidates must have a strong portfolio including web-based sites or applets, CDROM’s and other interactive work. Individuals must be highly self-motivated yet able to cooperate in a team environment. Qualified candidates should be capable of multitasking across multiple projects to meet deadlines and satisfy clients’ expectations.

Experience with Macromedia Flash Media Server, Macromedia Director, computer animation, digital/print design and/or video editing a plus.

interested individuals should email resume & examples of your flash work to


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