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Here is a sampling of what various graduates of our department are up to.

This list contains just those people from whom I’ve heard anything new since last year’s roundup and its continuation.

Todd Hauschildt, CS/Cognitive Science 1987
He is starting up a new businness as Vice President of Managed Technology Services for the North American Legal organization of Thomson Legal and Regulatory, leveraging their datacenter and contacts to sell hosting services to law firms.

Matthew Pettis, Math 1994
His second child, Amelia Lynn Pettis, was born March 15, 2005. He is a Senior Systems Engineer at Thomson Legal and Regulatory.

Chris Kane, CS 1992
He is a senior engineer on the Mac OS X team at Apple Computer and lives in San Jose, California.

Andrew Hoag, CS 1996
While on a year’s sabbatical, he went to Peru in fall of 2004 and climbed the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, then travelled out to Easter Island. He reports that both were fantastic experiences. He then spent most of the winter skiing, including a couple trips to Europe.

Steven Tuthill, Math Teaching 1999
He is teaching at Minnetonka High School.

Tammy (Williams) VanDeGrift, CS/Math 1999
She is now an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Portland.

Stephanie (Lee) Whitney, Math Teaching 1999
She is teaching at Kennedy High School in Bloomington, Minnesota, as well as teaching a mathematics education course at the University of St. Thomas.

Travis Dahlke, CS 2000
He is now doing .NET development at St. Paul Travelers. Recently he spent over a week on a church-sponsored trip to help clean up hurricane-ravaged Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Julie Smiley, Math 2000
She is working in California as a Math Development Supervisor for McGraw-Hill and in the summer of 2004 married Jason Schwartz, who is the Director of Development for Pacific Metrics Corporation, an on-line educational publisher.

Hans Anderson, CS 2001
He is a graduate student in the Applied and Computational Mathematics program at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Laura Graen, Math/CS 2001
She is working in the Technology Actuarial area at St. Paul Travelers, having switched into the actuarial track after a year and a half as a programmer. She will be married November 12, 2005.

Nathan Dahlke, CS 2002
He was recently promoted to Systems Engineer within Target Corporation’s Technology Services group.

Scott Doerrie, CS 2002
He is a graduate student in computer science at Johns Hopkins University.

Ben Follis, CS 2002
He is working for the SUNY system in Albany as a Library Applications Developer and is also enrolled as a grad student at the University at Albany.

Erik Karlsson, CS 2002
He is now working in Paris, France, monitoring and maintaining the servers that Blizzard Entertainment uses for World of Warcraft.

Lance Staples, CS 2002
He is a developer at ImageTrend.

Chad Custer, Math 2003
He remains in mechanical engineering grad school at Duke, where he is working on an implicit version of the “high dimensional harmonic balance” computational method. He is now engaged to be married to Laura Yudt, a class of 2001 Gustavus biology major.

Bill Kunze, CS/Classics 2003
He married Katherine Pavelek (Math, 2003) in May of 2005 and is working as a Programmer Analyst at Securian Financial Group.

Katherine (Pavelek) Kunze, Math 2003
She married Bill Kunze (CS, 2003) in May of 2005 and continues to work as an Account Technician at Acordia.

Nathan Selander, CS 2003
He is now working toward a masters degree in software engineering at the University of St. Thomas, as well as continuing to be employed as a developer at Thomson West.

Luther Monson, CS 2004
He is working on content managements support at Unicon in Arizona, as well as playing drums in an alternative/punk/ska band, Idiotkin.

Rachel Batalden, Math Teaching 2005
She is serving in the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in North Minneapolis as a 5th and 6th grade Educational Assistant at Sojourner Truth Academy, a Charter school. She describes her experiences as “fantastic.”

Vicki Connors, CS 2005
She is working as a Billing Support Programmer at LSS Data Systems in Eden Prairie.

Andrea Dobosenski, Math/Economics 2005
She is working for Benfield, Inc., a reinsurance intermediary.

Ben Hardy, CS 2005
He is working as a developer for Verisae, in downtown Minneapolis.

Jonas Herrell, CS 2005
He is working as a software developer at Thomson West.

Paul Heupel, CS 2005
He is working as a software developer at Fishbowl Solutions.

Courtney Hollenhorst, CS 2005
She is working for Secure Computing in Roseville as a Technical Support Engineer.

Sean Kampshoff, CS 2005
He is working as a QA Analyst at Digital River in Eden Prairie.

David Myers, Math 2005
He is an analyst at Dahlen, Berg, and Co, an energy supply management company, working on the application of computer technology to energy management and trading operations.

Michael Schmit, CS 2005
He is just completing his initial training at Federated Insurance and will be moving into a software development position in the underwriting services group.

Steve Simmons, Political Science/CS 2005
He is teaching English in Budapest


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  1. jconley says:

    Here’s another:

    Jamison Conley, CS 2002
    He is a graduate student in geography at Pennsylvania State University, but assures readers of this blog that he is, in fact, using computer science in his research. He received an Academic Computing Fellowship from PSU for his research applying computer science to geographic cluster analysis.