Gusties Compete in Programming Contest

Posted on November 15th, 2004 by

On Saturday, November 15, CS majors Michael Schmit, Dan Treiman, and Jared Wangen competed in the ACM North Central North America Regional Programming Contest. The regional contest spans seven US states and one and a half Canadian provinces, and this year included 187 teams. Teams participate from local satellite sites; the Gustavus team was one of 10 participating at the Macalaster College site. Unofficial results (pending appeals) show the Gustavus team as having the second highest score of the 10 at its site, and the 36th highest in the overall region of 187 teams. Coach Max Hailperin praised the team members for not just turning in a respectable performance, but also having fun while they did it, displaying good teamwork and a positive attitude in the face of a serious hardware malfunction.


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