New face for a new year

Posted on September 4th, 2004 by

The big change in MCS Department personnel this year is the addition of David Molnar as a visiting instructor. David is an expert in problem solving, including the preparation of students for the Putnam competition. He’ll be doing that at Gustavus this fall, in addition to teaching other courses throughout the year. Molnar received his BA from Wesleyan in 1988 and his MS from the University of Connecticut in 1994. Beyond problem solving, he has interests in discrete mathematics and games. Our other visitor for the year is not a new face: Preston Nichols will be returning for a second year. Molnar and Nichols will serve to replace department members on leave this year. Jeff Rosoff and Moira McDermott are on leave for the full year, whereas Tom LoFaro is on leave only in the fall and David Wolfe only in the spring. Meanwhile, Carolyn Dobler, Max Hailperin, and T.J. Morrison are back from their 2003-2004 leaves. (Hailperin also takes over from Rosoff as department chair.)


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