Grokster opinion adds fuel to IICA blaze

Posted on August 20th, 2004 by

Media attention is focusing on the 9th Circuit’s opinion in the Grokster case, saying that P2P software providers can breathe another sigh of relief. But this isn’t reallly where the action is. The real action is some extremely fast-track behind the scenes work being done to revise S. 2560, the Inducing Infringements of Copyright Act of 2004. In the hearing on that act, Senator Hatch made it very clear he intends to push a revised version through this session. Additionally, his letter to the Register of Copyrights sheds further light on the pace and nature of revision he expects. Yesterday’s appellate opinion is just going to add fuel to this fire, by explicitly saying that “the sign of how far Congress has chosen to go can come only from Congress.” Everyone should keep a very close eye on what is happening with S. 2560 and get ready to call, write, fax, etc. the instant it becomes clear which direction the revisions are taking.


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