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Building a Custom PC for the UX Lab

Erin Kock, Peacebridge Osei, and Andreas Xu joined me in what was an incredible experience. We got together on a Friday afternoon to assemble the machine and from the moment we started assembling the components, it was clear that we were working with a team of highly skilled individuals.

MCS Scholarship: Dr. Jeff Ford

  Since Summer of 2021 Dr. Jeff Ford has been a Team-based Inquiry Learning fellow at the NSF-funded TBIL institute at University of South Alabama. This is a group of faculty who work to write open-source textbooks using the TBIL pedagogy and conduct research on the effectiveness of this teaching method, In Summer 2023 Dr. […]

MCS Scholarship

 Dr. Jacob Siehler published an article the College Math Journal titled New Problems in Port-and-Sweep Solitaire. You can read a copy of the article here. You can learn more about Port-and-Sweep Solitaire along with Dr. Siehler’s other research interests by visiting his homepage.

MCS Scholarship

    Dr. Ella Burnham co-lead a breakout session titled “How to communicate in an online statistics course“. The session was part of the summer meeting of the United States Conference on Teaching Statistics at State College in Pennsylvania.

MCS Scholarship

  Congratulations to Dr. Jillian Downey. Her paper titled Implementation of Alternative Grading Methods in a Mathematical Statistics Course has been accepted into the Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education. An advanced copy of the article can be found here.

MCS Scholarship

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Hildreth for her article entitled Writing Workshops to Foster Written Communication Skills in Statistics Graduate Students  in The Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education.  

MCS Summer Scholarship: Fun and Games

How far can a model army advance into a one-dimensional desert, using only finite resources and prescribed types of movement?

MCS Summer Research: Offensive Performance in Baseball

Offensive performance in baseball depends on a number of correlated factors: the pitches the batter faces, the batter’s choice to swing, and the batter’s hitting ability. The choices of whether or not to swing, which can be  describe as plate discipline, has traditionally been summarized as the proportion of pitches inside and outside of the […]

MCS Summer Research: Altruistic Suicide in E. Coli Bacteria

Over the summer Dr. Jeff Ford and Sanjeeda Shutrishna are working on a project to study the evolution of altruistic suicide in E. coli bacteria. The bacteria employ a strategy where, when the colony encounters a pathogen, some bacteria will self-destruct before the pathogen can spread.  Dr. Ford and Shutrishna are attempting to use network […]

MCS Summer Research: Social Media and Exercise

This summer Filip Belik  and Dr. Louis Yu have been investigating the relationship between social media and exercise.  The content of the summer work can be separated into two distinct tasks. They are first utilizing the text classification capabilities of several machine learning algorithms to find the most effective way of classifying social media posts from Twitter […]