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2022 Pi Day Celebration

The MCS department hosted its Pi Day gathering on March 14.  The event featured pie eating, pi trivia, and good company.

MCS Summer Scholarship: Fun and Games

How far can a model army advance into a one-dimensional desert, using only finite resources and prescribed types of movement?

Baltimore Ravens’ Lineman and Mathematician

I came across these great articles on Baltimore Ravens’ offensive lineman John Urschel. Enjoy. From the Baltimore Sun: For math scholar John Urschel of Ravens, playing football adds up From its-intersting.com:  Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman John Urschel Publishes Paper In Math Journal

Women, Jobs, and a Bit of Mathematics and Computer Science

Planet Money, the economics reporting unit of National Public Radio, ran a great story this morning (9/11/13) entitled “Why Women (Like Me) Choose Lower-Paying Jobs.”  Although not strictly about mathematics or computer science, the reporter Lisa Chow was an applied math major in college, earned an MBA, and is pursuing a career not directly related […]

Graduating Math Major to Deliver Commencement Address

Senior Mathematics major Chloe Radcliffe has been chosen to deliver the 2012 commencement address.  Read the official announcement for more information about Chloe and the 2012 Gustavus Adolphus Graduation ceremony.