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Putnam Exam results

The Putnam Exam is a mathematical problem-solving contest open to all undergraduates in the U.S. and Canada. We took the contest in December, and received the results today. 3,733 students took the contest; over half scored zero. Less than half of the Gusties who took it scored zero, though. Our top scores belonged to Trevor […]

Konhauser Problemfest

On February 26, 9 intrepid Gusties trekked up to Carleton College in Northfield for the 13th annual Konhauser Problemfest. This is a three-hour math contest featuring teams from Gustavus, St. Olaf, Carleton, Macalester, St. Thomas, and Augsburg. None of our 9 guys had been to Konhauser before, but only two were seniors so we should […]


Just ran across this on the AMS’ website – NUMB3RS is a prime-time TV show in which one of the main characters is a mathematician. The character, played by David Krumholtz, uses his mathematical skills to help his FBI agent brother, played by Rob Morrow, solve crimes. The CBS show will premiere Sunday January 23 […]

Sums of Squares

Inspired by exam grading over Thanksgiving weekend, I have one more problem for the MCS Club contest for the fall semester. Given that our best response was for the first problem, which featured the number 16, I have determined that this must be because problems about 16 are one easier than all those problems about […]

Problem Solving email alias

I have put together a mailing list for students and/or faculty and/or alums who are interested in information about the contests we’re involved in, or general information about mathematical problem solving. Email me, dmolnar at gac dot edu, if you would like to be added to the list.

Gusties Compete in Math Contest – Resistance is Futile!

Saturday November 13th was a busy day for geeky Gusties. While the programmers travelled to St. Paul, 12 students were competing on campus in the MAA North Central Section Team Contest. I was pleased with the turnout, up from 4 last year. Overall, 66 teams from 26 colleges and universities throughout the region took part. […]

Problem Solving Contest Now Even Bigger!

I know how everybody loves BIG math problems, so I printed out the problems for the contest in a bigger font. They’re on the bulletin board. Or, maybe I can figure out how to leave a link to the contest page. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I should point out that there really will be prizes […]