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September Problems of the Month

Congratulations to last year’s top solvers: Filip Belik and James Wittrig! Once again, we’ll be hosting “Problems of the Month” throughout the fall semester, and we invite everyone throughout the college to take part! Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome to submit solutions, and there are prizes for the top student solvers during the […]

MCS Summer Research: Altruistic Suicide in E. Coli Bacteria

Over the summer Dr. Jeff Ford and Sanjeeda Shutrishna are working on a project to study the evolution of altruistic suicide in E. coli bacteria. The bacteria employ a strategy where, when the colony encounters a pathogen, some bacteria will self-destruct before the pathogen can spread.  Dr. Ford and Shutrishna are attempting to use network […]

MCS Summer Research: Social Media and Exercise

This summer Filip Belik  and Dr. Louis Yu have been investigating the relationship between social media and exercise.  The content of the summer work can be separated into two distinct tasks. They are first utilizing the text classification capabilities of several machine learning algorithms to find the most effective way of classifying social media posts from Twitter […]

Congratulations to Dr. Louis Yu!!!

Mathematics Computer Science and Statistics department member Dr. Louis You was one of  six Gustavus faculty members that received tenure today. Congratulations Louis!  You earned it.