November Problems of the Month Posted on November 3rd, 2018 by

Congratulations to September’s successful solvers: Filip Belik and James Wittrig. Honorable mention to James Boykin for a promising partial solution to #2.

November’s Problem 1 is an assembly problem in the style of classic tangram puzzles:

Seven puzzle pieces have been drawn on a grid of 30-60-90 triangles. Show how they can be arranged to form (1) an equilateral triangle, (2) a parallelogram, and (3) a convex hexagon. Each shape should use all seven puzzle pieces, which may be flipped or rotated. A nice, clear drawing for each shape is all that’s needed.

See the complete set of all three problems here: November 2018 Problems of the Month [PDF] — there’s a grid included for drawing your solutions to Problem 1.

The fine print: Solutions are welcome from all Gustavus students, faculty and staff. Each month’s solvers will be announced along with a running scoreboard for the Fall Series. Prizes of $125 (first place) and $50 (runner up) will be awarded to the top student solvers at the end of the Fall Series; students who have solved at least three problems during the Fall Series are eligible for the prizes. To submit your solutions:

Email solutions to, or
Submit written solutions to Professor Siehler’s mailbox (Olin Hall 310).


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