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Throughout the fall semester, we’ll be hosting “Problems of the Month” here, and we invite everyone throughout the college to take part!
Everyone is welcome to submit solutions, and there are prizes for the top student solvers during the fall (details below).

September’s Problem #1 is a puzzle with a map:

The small, yet verdant state of Moosylvania, shown on the map below, is undergoing a schism. Show how a single new boundary line can be drawn in (not necessarily a straight line, but drawn with one stroke of your pen) to divide the territory perfectly fairly, into two congruent regions.

See the complete set of three problems hereSeptember 2018 Problems of the Month [PDF]

The fine print:  Each month’s solvers will be announced along with a running scoreboard for the Fall Series. Prizes of $125 (first place) and $50 (runner up) will be awarded to the top student solvers at the end of the Fall Series; students who have solved at least three problems during the Fall Series are eligible for the prizes. To submit your solutions:

  1. Email solutions to, or
  2. Submit written solutions to Professor Siehler’s mailbox (by the door of Olin Hall 310).

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