MCS Puzzle Contest Posted on May 15th, 2018 by

We have been sending out a weekly teaser problem in our announcements of the Pizza & Problem Solving sessions in the MCS Department.  Although we are finished meeting for the year, we’d still like to offer some problems and puzzles for you to work on.  We’ll have some small prizes for the best solutions.  You can find the next round of problems at the link below.  Whether you are a math major or not, you are welcome to work on and submit a solution to any or all of problems – why not all of them?  “All” sound good.  

This month’s Problem #2 is:  Let ABC be a triangle whose sides are 5, 12, and 13 units long.  How many points are there inside the triangle for which the distance to each of the three sides is an integer (i.e., a whole number)?

See the all three problems (some easier and some harder) and submission instructions here:  May 2018 Problems [PDF]

Congratulations to last month’s problem solvers:  Dalton Myers and Kelly Neubauer (way to go, Physics).


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