MCS Seminar: Number Theory and Mathematical Physics:

Posted on March 8th, 2017 by

Dr. Amy DeCelles from the University of St. Thomas will be speaking about Number Theory and Mathematical Physics:  Applying “applied math” to the “purest” of pure math”. Number theory consists of the mathematics that has been developed over the ages to answer seemingly simple questions about ordinary counting numbers, questions like, “Is it possible to find counting numbers a, b, and c such that a2 + b2 = c2?  What about an + bn = cn?” or “Are there infinitely many ‘twin’ primes, i.e. primes like 5 & 7 or 11 & 13 that have only one even number between them?”  Given the simplicity of the questions, it is perhaps surprising that some of their answers have been persistently elusive.  The methods employed to answer number theoretic questions are both diverse and deep.  In this talk I will discuss the application of ideas in mathematical physics (both classical and quantum) to questions in number theory.

The seminar will take  place at 3:30 on Monday March 13 in Olin 321.  Refreshments will be provided!  Everyone is welcome.  For a full listing of MCS events go to


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