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It’s been years since the MCS Club has been represented in shirt form on the Gustavus campus. This year’s officers of the laid-back, fun-loving and often nerdy club thought this was unacceptable and started a design contest to choose the new club t-shirt.

Many entertaining entries later, the students of the department voted on a Princess Bride themed design. Thank you to all the students who voted! If it’s a Princess Bride shirt you want, it’s a Princess Bride shirt you will get.

Being in MCS Club is pretty low commitment. We know how busy students are, so we do not make our members come to every meeting and gathering. In fact, there are no requirements to join other than having some interest in math, computer science, puzzles, research, or nerd-ness in general. Our goal is to connect students with others who share similar interests. We hang out, eat pizza, talk about our interests, remember how much fun we had in Introduction to Analysis, and make jokes about proofs. So yeah… we’re nerds. And we love it!

If you’d like to embrace your inner nerd by purchasing an MCS Club T-Shirt, please sign up on the bulletin board in the study area of third floor Olin. They are $15 each and you can pay when you pick up your shirt. If you are off campus and/or an alumnus, please send an email with the size to Meghan Peterson at, and she will provide you with payment and delivery details. The deadline for signing up for a shirt is Monday, November 19th.

Students on the email list will be entered to win a free shirt at the end of the month. You can sign up to be on the email list on the MCS Club Bulletin Board in Olin. Students who join Gustavus MCS Club on Facebook will be entered again. That’s right – it is possible to be entered to win the free shirt TWO TIMES.

And if you’d like to get updates on all the nerd happenings, contact to be put on the email alias. We’re super nice people, we promise.

Meghan Peterson ’13
MCS Club President


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