Explorations in generative design Posted on October 28th, 2011 by

Nervous System is a fantastic experimental design studio unlike most others. They use new technologies to reinterpret natural phenomena, prototyping and mass-producing 3d objects such as light fixtures, jewelry and sculpture from mathematical processes. Most of their designs look as if they were copied from a biology book because, in a way, they were. Various pieces are organic yet abstract, similar to electron microscope scans, cell structures, sea creatures, and even natural cracking patterns in stone.

They are all designed using generative algorithms that can grow and evolve in ways that both confirm and deny their procedure-based origins. The bulk of their work begins in Processing, and is then printed in 3d or laser-cut.

Here’s some animated examples of their generative algorithms at work over time

From the artist: “Where are all the computational designers in the US? Every time I find a new, interesting artist in the field, they are almost always in Europe. Are people in the US really doing less algorithmic work, or are students playing with this stuff more inclined to get a job at some large corporation instead of pursuing their own independent projects?”

More photos also available in their Flickr.


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