Alum offers help with entrepreneurship grant

Posted on March 29th, 2010 by

Mark Gritter, who graduated in 1997 with majors in CS and math, calls our attention to the MinneSpark grants for which he is a trustee and offers to provide feedback on draft proposals. Details follow.
Mark writes;

Some of your senior-level students might be interested in this:

It is a $1000 grant awarded based on proposals for a new, “scalable”
business. (Strictly speaking, it need not be tech-related at all.
But given the composition of who is likely to be judging, software
products will probably be well-received.) Although I’m not one of the
organizers, I am signed up to be one of the “trustees” and I’d love to
see some proposals from Gustavus students. The effort required is
fairly minimal, and there’s no strings attached to the grant money—
so even if the students are not planning on jumping straight into
their own business, I think it’s a good opportunity and certainly
couldn’t hurt career-wise.

I’d be willing to provide feedback on any draft proposals. The due
date for submission is April 30th.


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