Newest MCS Member is a Winner

Posted on February 15th, 2010 by

Russ Park was still in his first week of teaching in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science when he proved himself a winner. Specifically, he won the annual faculty chili cook off sponsored by Gustavus’s faculty development program. This is no small matter for our department, given the historical context. MCS department members dominated the early years of the cook off, but were sadly missing from the winner’s circle in more recent years. So Russ has returned the department to its rightful glory.

Even before the cook off, we were delighted to have Russ join us as a Visiting Assistant Professor. He received his PhD in applied mathematics from Arizona State University in 2009, after returning to school for a second career; he had been working as an electrical engineer since his 1984 graduation in that field. His research interests include reconstruction, optimization, PDEs, image processing, and visualization.


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