Which one of these majors is not like the others?

Posted on May 17th, 2009 by

The Star Tribune interviewed a bunch of Gustie seniors. Who was the only one with a job lined up? Computer Science major Tom Wick. Of course, you have to take anecdotal evidence with a grain of salt. But broader evidence suggests some points consonant with Tom’s experience. Computer science majors are subject to booms and busts like everyone else, with job markets that cycle between buyers’ and sellers’ markets. But throughout that whole cycle, they fare better than students with many other majors, all else equal. And that last caveat is vitally important. Computer science majors still need to make their own luck. Tom’s story of choosing to pursue an opportunity in his home town would be an example of that. Other MCS seniors who wound up with job offers as a result of prior summer internships would be another.


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