The Uncertainty Principle and Image Reconstruction

Posted on October 16th, 2007 by

Eric S. Weber, Iowa State University (and Gustavus alumnus)
3:30-4:20pm on Tuesday, October 30
Olin Hall, Room 320

The Uncertainty Principle is a well-known phenomenon from physics, placing a lower bound on the error present in simultaneous measurements of position and momentum of a particle. However, it actually is a mathematical phenomenon, and we will be using it to our advantage–in particular restoring missing pixels from a digital image. The talk will only require linear algebra.

Refreshments will be served.


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  1. mweier says:

    Anyone interested in image reconstruction should also check out some of the interesting work by Professor Ariel Shamir. In particular, his content-aware scalable images are very cool (there’s even a video showing the technology in action as it seeks to make images that can scale non-proportionally through the use of context and content analysis to determine expendable pixels.