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Any of you familiar with musician Jonathon Coulton may know that he’s got a flair for tongue in cheek, obscure errata, and a prodigious amount of work (in one project, he released a song a week for over a year).

At any rate, I wanted to start by not so much to glorify Jonathon Coulton but instead to share one particular song of his which is sure to raise a smile from any math geek. Mandelbrot Set goes into some funny detail about fractals including Mandelbrot sets, Sierpinski’s Gasket, etc. Note before visiting that a few drops of explicit lyrics exist.

  • Here’s a link to Mandelbrot Set which lets you read the lyrics/grab an MP3/buy a track direct from the artist.
  • Here’s a fan-created video of Mandelbrot Set, complete with a slow visual zoom into the Mandelbrot Set, from 1:1 scale to a 6th-level mini-set.

As long as I’m rambling about Math music, here’s another ditty about Ï€ (pi) by Hard n Phirm. Again there are a couple touches of explicit lyrics if any of you who are sensitive to those things. Great use of classic 80’s educational programming production values!

Here’s a fan video of the song Ï€ r^2 by Clint Mansell using footage from the film Ï€, by Darren Aronofsky.

Finally, here’s an oldy but a goody from the early days of Schoolhouse Rock, 3 is a magic number


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