Internships in North Mankato

Posted on September 1st, 2006 by

One of the perennial limitations in the way our students take advantage of internship opportunities is that most seem to only look for full-time summer internships, rather than also considering part-time internships during a semester.  There are some good reasons for that, one of which is that most internship opportunities are so far away (e.g., in the twin cities) that they aren’t feasibly combinable with any on-campus courses.  As such, I would think that some students might be interested in a reminder I just got of some internships close at hand in North Mankato.  James Ward, a Programming Manager at the web-development company James Tower, contacted me and pointed out their jobs web site. He also gave me an email address for more info and mentioned that he and Sheila Ludwig from their Human Resources area would be happy to come to to campus to talk with any interested students; let me know if you want more contact info.


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