Visit a Math Major in the Business World

Posted on March 16th, 2006 by

So maybe you don’t want to teach and don’t want to be an actuary or a computer geek. Is there some other way you can get paid for the general analytical abilities you are acquiring as a math or cs major? Yes! And now you have an opportunity to pay a visit to a Gustie who is doing just that.

This is a trip intended for students at all points in their studies as a general exploration of possibilities, not narrowly focused on those actively thinking about employment.

Date: Wednesday, April 12th
Time: Bus leaves Olin at noon, returns by 4:15pm
Where we’re going: Target Corporation headquarters in Minneapolis
Who we’re visiting: Maggie Moss
Her background: Gustavus math major, first job as business analyst, now a buyer
Goal: Learn about her work environment and how math majors can contribute in business

If you might go, send Max an email with a probability estimate to help in planning. He will follow up with those who give estimates > 0.

This trip is sponsored by the NSF CSEMS program.


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