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MCS Alumni Sweep First Decade Awards

As happens each year, the Gustavus Alumni Association is recognizing two members of the graduating class ten years ago (the class of 1996, in this case) with the “First Decade Award” for the significance of their accomplishments within their first decade since graduation. This year, something a bit unusual happened: both award recipients majored in […]

IdiotKin’s New CD

I always like to hear what our alumni are up to, so of course I was thrilled to get a CD in the mail today from Luther Monson. He does have a day job where he puts his computer science education to use, but his real love is whacking the #%#@ out of drums in […]

Difference Engines out of Toys?

As you may or may not know, one of the first calculators (abacus excluded) was a giant gear-laden monstrosity conceived of computing pioneer Charles Babbage back in the early 1800’s. His “difference engine” used gears to calculate 7th order polynomials to 31 digits of accuracy. here are a few modern attempts at using his logic […]