Internship – J2ME/BREW Programmers

Posted on March 28th, 2005 by

Digital Cyclone, Inc ( is looking for interns during any/all semesters.

Hands-On Experience to compile, deploy, and modify existing client/server J2ME and BREW applications to run properly on mobile phones as well as to modify existing application documentation.

Required Skills include ability and willingness to take direction, have an interest in mobile phone technology and to see its device limitations as an interesting challenge, client/server application class work required or “hobby” experience must be demonstrated, Java or C/C++ application class work required

Paid position, potential for full-time position after introductory internship, or graduation.

Apply initially via phone interview (952-975-0090), follow up with resume and personal interview, and reference from student advisor requested but not required.

(This information is on file with Brian Koeneman, GAC Internship Director.)


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