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What is the First Video Game?

In their basic level, video games are comprised of math to drive the display of every image and interaction. This is true from today’s 3D polygon-rich games as well as ones as simple as a ball bouncing off a paddle. As someone who has grown up with the rise & fall of the “video game […]

Missing Square Puzzles

If you’ve seen these before it may be old news, but I only just stumbled across the seeming impossibility of two identical sets of shapes having a different combined area. Click here to view a particularly amazing Missing Square Puzzle (aka “Curry’s Paradox”). Why does #5 fit on the top configuration but not the bottom? […]

Turing’s Cathedral – A Visit to Google

A.I. may be the topic of many a sci-fi book/film/graphic novel. However, as many of you may already know, Alan Turing and some of his fellow early computer scientists put some serious philosophical and mathematical brain-power into working out how to invent intelligence through technology, and just what sorts of tests would be needed to […]

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

As long as I’m here I figured I’d let anyone who’s interested know about a great book I’m reading right now. It’s incredibly dense & reads more as a philosophy of science book you sip rather than a novel you chug, but it’s an incredible journey through interrelationships between all formal systems, from number theory […]