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Dan O’Keefe wins the third annual Gustavus StarCraft 2 Tournament

The tournament winners receive the certificates and prizes. (Left-to-right: Prof. Choong-Soo Lee, David Buckley (’13), Joshua Wolanyk (’15), Dan O’Keefe (’15) Derek Evenson (’13)) This past J-Term the StarCraft Club hosted the third StarCraft II tournament. Unlike the first two tournaments, this year’s tournament took place in two phases: the group stage and elimination bracket. […]

Mathematical Representations of Ciliate Genome Decryption

When:¬†Thursday, February 28 @ 11:30am Where: Olin Hall Room 320 Presenter: Helen Wauck, Junior Mathematics & Computer Science Major Ciliates are unique unicellular organisms that each contain a scrambled version of their own DNA which must be unscrambled for proper gene expression. Ciliates have developed three DNA operations for this purpose: reversals, block interchanges, and […]

A student blogs from Vienna

The MCS Department currently has students studying in Vienna, Budapest, Hirakata, and Galway. [Correction: one also continues in Seville.] We hope to share reports from all of them to inspire others considering study away. Today we share a blog from Tim Krippner, who is in Vienna.

Characteristics of Chinese Online Social Networks

When:¬†Monday, February 18, 2013 @ 1:30PM Where: Olin Hall Room 320 Presenter: Dr. Louis Yu, Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Pomona College In recent years, social media services and its subscribers have multiplied at a phenomenal rate. This immense growth has been witnessed globally with millions of users creating and sharing content on […]