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Pursued by Pi

While on sabbatical leave, I figured I’d do some research on pi, which I frequently teach about. And since I had no reason to stick around for classes (or the snowstorm that was postponing classes that day), I’d head to the Mission District of San Francisco. The photo documents the research result I achieved there: […]

They Came, They Saw, and They Were Conquered.

This past J-Term Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science Choong-Soo Lee hosted a StarCraft II tournament for students . Computer Science Major Cory Ruegg (2012) helped to promote the tournament in the Fall semester and over 20 students signed up for the tournament. 16 players were selected to compete in an elimination bracket over 3 weeks and many students came to watch the games and cheer for their friends.

Mathematical communication and the law

Students who study math or computer science learn to communicate precisely, which can serve them well even in other areas. For example, some of our alumni have become successful lawyers. A remarkable story about a court case is a good illustration of why precision matters. I’m reminded of one of the peculiarities of mathematical communication, […]