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MCS Department to host differential equations conference

From June 23 through June 26, 2011 the MCS department will be hosting the conference Differential Equations Across the Collegiate Curriculum.  This conference will explore the evolving role of the differential equations course in mathematics and across the STEM disciplines.  It is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation and is a cooperative […]

Benoît Mandelbrot (1924-2010); Fractal pioneer spoke at Nobel Conference in 1990

The New York Times has an obituary for Benoît Mandelbrot, the pioneer of fractal geometry, who is dead at 85. From the Gustavus viewpoint, he can be remembered as a speaker at the 1990 Nobel Conference on the topic “Chaos: The New Science”. Unlike recent Nobel Conferences with lectures preserved as archived video, Mandelbrot’s lecture […]

Computer Science Alumni to be Honored

Departmental alumni, Travis and Nathan Dahlke (2000 and 2002), will be receiving the Association of Congregations Service Award Check out the full write up here

Math T-Shirt to Rock Minneapolis!

Two and a half years ago, I posted on this blog about the seemingly indestructible t-shirts from the 1979 and 1980 Gustavus math contests that Oliver Ackerman regularly wears while performing. To update that story, Ernie Ackerman emailed me two news items. (1) At least the 1979 shirt is still going strong; it is clearly […]