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Applied Math Change Approved

At the May 19th meeting of the full faculty of the college, final approval was granted for a change in the math major and minor. A new Discrete Dynamical Systems course, MCS-357, will replace MCS-353 in all roles within the major and minor. The new course will be offered in fall of even years, starting […]

Hvidsten Receives Faculty Scholarship and Creativity Award

At Honors Day, May 7, 2005, Professor of Mathematics Michael Hvidsten received the Faculty Scholarship and Creativity Award. Previous award winner Joyce Sutphen presented the award. What follows are the remarks she delivered on the occasion.

Tiger on Tiger

As rumored, Java 1.5.0 (code named Tiger) was released as a separate download for Mac OS X 10.4 (also code named Tiger) on April 29th. So if you’re running Tiger (the OS) and are geeky enough to read this blog, you probably want the new Java. The linux labs have all been using Java 5 […]