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In MCS-106 we’ve been thinking intensely about games – we’ve had the cards, dice, hexagonal boards, pencils and paper and all the other trimmings out as we’ve studied the mechanics of games like Hex, Can’t Stop, SET, Dots-and-Boxes, and many others. Most importantly, we’ve been designing and testing our own games, and we’d like to invite you to come check them out.

We’ll be in the Heritage Room on Friday, January 24th from 11:30-1:30 and with our our newly-designed games on display. You’ll be able to read about them, ask the designers questions, and of course, try out the gameplay!

So what’s on offer? We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like among the following:

Poke the Bear: An intense, two to four player game of risk and chance. Working around the board, players will enter the sleeping bear’s cave with the goal of ending up as close as possible to the bear. But be careful not to wake him as he isn’t exactly friendly towards visitors. Playing time is about 20-30 minutes.

Hunger Games: A board game based on the best-selling novel and award-winning movie series. Players are dropped into the Hunger Games arena in which they loot resources quickly in order to attack/defend themselves from other players as a deadly storm approaches. The last standing player wins and brings home all the glory and prizes that winning in the real Hunger Games would (not really). Playing time is 20-45 minutes (dependent on the number of players).

Creature Feature: A fun, exciting game for three to four players. Come together to create your own unique and powerful monsters to battle them and be the true Creature Feature of this game! Features 70 unique monster cards to mix and match. Play time: 20-30 minutes.

Bomb Voyage: A simple quick, simple, strategy game that can be played with two players. Become bombers that are trapping your enemies into a wall of bombs, so they have no way left to escape. BOOM!! Last man standing wins. Playing time :15-20 min

Astro Captain: A combat card game that places two players in command of starfaring warships! Challenge each other in the riveting star combat in a test of wills and ships. The last player with a functional ship wins! Estimated Play Time: 30-40 minutes

Casino Sabotage: Sabotage your opponent while trying to reach the perfect number of 21. Two players fight to swap spaces, flip cards, and sabotage the other player’s chance of winning. The dice are ready to roll, the cards are ready to be dealt. The real question is: are you brave enough to deal in? (5-15 minutes)

Gravity – 2 players – A competitive game where you HARNESS THE RAW THEORETICAL POWER OF GRAVITY to slide tokens around the board and eventually have them exit from the corners before your opponent is able to remove theirs. First to do so (or have the least tokens on the board) wins.

The Most Dangerous Game: A brutal survival game where 4 players scavenge for resources and battle each other to their deaths on a deserted island. 20-30 minutes of murder and chaos encourages trading, alliances, and backstabbing; Be the last one standing, and you have won the game. “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Inertial Move: An abstract strategy game where each move you make brings you closer to your doom. Use your cards to move your pieces and push your opponents off the board. However, each time you move, the next turn you must move further, so watch out, and don’t fall off the board! Played with 2 players, takes approximately 10 mins.


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