MCS Folks Take Part in Community Coven

Posted on July 21st, 2007 by

Our photographer couldn’t help notice that all species of folk associated with the Mathematics and Computer Science Department contributed to the St. Peter community’s Harry Potter party: faculty, students, and alumni.

Department Chair Carolyn Dobler was once again transfigured into her alter-ego, Professor Vector. She is shown tutoring some young witches in the ancient science of arithmancy.

Senior math major Betsy Langowski alternated between assisting with the care of magical creatures and demonstrating palmistry in the divination area; judging by the smile shown here, she must have seen some brighter futures than her colleague Professor Trelawny.

And class of 1995 computer science major Kevin Lund played the role of Professor Fumblemore, the long-bearded Headmaster of Pigpimple’s School of Magik, in the spoof play Barry Wotter: Son of a Witch. (His nine-year-old son, Koleman, not pictured here, also appeared in the play.)

Prof. Fumblemore

Betsy Langowski

arithmancy tutoring


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