Sales Engineer Opening at Counterpane Internet Security

Posted on September 30th, 2004 by

I have a friend who’s a recruiter and looking for network security sales engineers in the midwest. Below is an excerpt from her job description:

— 5+ years network engineering in an SE role — understand large enterprise networks, recognize security controls that are in place, and create a centralized logging mechanism
— Security tools — understand what a firewall policy can do and what it cannot do, understand when it is appropriate to use network IDS, host IDS, both, or neither, understand the high-level differences between a tool like Snort vs. a tool like ISS RealSecure/Proventia
— Good follow-through — ability to take the initiative on closing the loop, but also to know when to throw up a flag for assistance.
— Solid presentation and communication skills at an Executive level — needs the technical experience to explain
— Strong credibility and sales/technical acumen

Please contact me directly with a resume at: ahoag at electricrain dot com for more information.


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